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Opportunity Alerts Watchlist

Powered by AI

Pilot's algorithm scans the market in real time and learns what other traders are doing, tracks their behaviour, and notifies you when prime trading opportunities are taking place on Stocks, Forex, Futures and Crypto on whatever brokerage or exchange you are trading. See 5 min ahead of over 60,000+ securities and digital assets.

Built for Active Traders

Using psychology-based aritifical intelligence algorithms, Pilot monitors the activity of all traders in real time and allows you to know when the market is about change direction. When an opportunity is detected, Pilot alerts you with a selling or buying notification.

Top Opportunties

Watch any Stocks, Futures, Forex and Cryptocurrency markets and create your watchlists to let Pilot do the hard work of detecting opportunities in real time

Demo & Simulation

Explore Pilot's demo to get a feel of what it's like to trade with a live brokerage account connected.

Connect to Your Broker

Connect to any of our supported brokerages for direct in-app trading and see your portfolio take off.


Install App

Download Pilot and create a free account in less than a minute


Create Your Watchlist

Build a watchlist to monitor or use the default watchlists that come with Pilot.


Get Opportunities

That's it. Pilot will scan the markets in real time and notify you of trading opportunities.


  • Start with Pilot's full featured demos
  • Paper Trading Demo

    Delayed data available for practice during market hours

  • Simulation

    Historical data available 24/7 for practice during and off market hours


Starter Package

14-Day Free Trial

Live Signals

  • Opportunity watchlist with real time signals on over 60,000 securities globally
  • Stocks

  • Forex

  • Futures

  • Crypto


$19.99 monthly subscription

14-Day Free Trial

Live Trading

  • Direct in-app trade execution including all PRO features
  • Connect to Your Broker

    Login with your broker to trade (on supported brokerages)

  • Trading Opportunities

    Get real-time trade alerts on your portfolio


$29.99 monthly subscription

14-Day Free Trial

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