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Improve Your Trading

With Pilot’s AI

A powerful AI trading app with advanced order book analysis to predict shifts in market direction.

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Navigate Opportunities on Stock Markets

Pilot is a tool to help you navigate the world's financial exchanges for top trading opportunities

24 Financial Exchanges

Pilot monitors over 60,000 securities listed on over 24 financial exchanges worldwide.

Signals for Day traders

Pilot's watchlist alerts traders of upcoming trading opportunities. See the top most opportunistic securities instantly.

Asset Classes

Pilot is built for every day trader trading:

- Forex
- Stocks
- Futures
- Crypto

Connect with any of our integrated brokers

Connect with any of the following brokers to trade live

- Interactive Brokers
- Questrade
- TradeStation
- Amp Futures
- Dorman Trading
- GFF Brokers
- Philip Capital
- R.J. O'Brien
- Wedbush
+ CQG network

Contact us to add your broker. Pilot Trading can also be used in Signals-Only mode with real-time data as a tool while you trade directly on your preferred brokerage platform.

Trade the Market Bias

Trade the Market Bias

To provide real-time alerts when a trading opportunity is developing, Pilot harnesses advanced mathematical psychology-based artificial intelligence, proactively anticipating market shifts before they happen. Unlike traditional methods that rely solely on historical data and trends, Pilot sets itself apart by considering trader sentiment and market bias.

By understanding where traders perceive the market direction to be heading, Pilot’s algorithm identifies potential opportunities, leveraging perceived value to generate precise buy or sell alerts with strategic insight.

Powered by AI

Not only the amalgamation of market data, but deep analysis of the real-time order book using mathematical psychology.

Custom Watchlist

Track your preferred securities by adding them to your watchlist, and let Pilot tell you about any others that may not be on your radar. Pilot will automatically sort by the strength of a developing opportunity.

Link Your Broker

Connect with any of our supported brokerages for direct in-app trading. Pilot makes the shift from market analysis to trade execution effortless and straightforward.


Pilot’s built-in demo feature lets you paper trade with the tech risk free with a choice of historical or 15-minute delayed data.

Capture every market advantage

Real time


Create a personalized watchlist to keep tabs on a broad spectrum of trading prospects in Stocks, Futures, Forex, and Crypto markets. Pilot enhances your trading approach by pinpointing critical market shifts and delivering automated alerts for swift action.

Tailor your watchlist for precise tracking

Stay ahead with actionable insights

Diversify your trading across FX, Stocks, Futures, and Crypto

Trade all asset classes

Filter by asset class.

Opportunity watchlist

Monitor FX, Stocks, Futures and Crypto on an AI powered watchlist.

icon showing two arrrows going in opposite vertical directoins, they said "buy" and "sell" on them.

Order Book Analysis

Pilot’s AI is the first to efficiently analyze real-time order book data. This analysis is key to understanding the depth and liquidity of the market at any given moment.

By scrutinizing the flow and volume of buy and sell orders, Pilot can accurately gauge market sentiment, identify potential price movements, and detect imbalances that may signal a shift.​

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Predictive Alerts for Market Opportunities​

Leveraging these insights, Pilot is adept at predicting when securities are overbought or oversold. Our system alerts users about optimal opportunities for buying or shorting.

This predictive capability is grounded in a sophisticated analysis of market trends, order flows, and trading volumes, all processed through our cutting-edge AI.

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Built For Active Traders​

Pilot’s use of mathematical psychology enables our AI to delve deep into the behavioral patterns of market participants.

By quantifying investor sentiment and emotional biases, Pilot offers a profound understanding of market dynamics that goes beyond traditional technical analysis.

Available on

Mobile & Web

Trade on your desk and mobile. Monitor your trades and take advantage of real time alerts while on the go.

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